Activities & Life Enhancement

Everyone deserves to reach out and grab the memories from reminiscing of past times and present. Don’t let life pass you by without viewing the outside window that will follow you in your footsteps until the day we walk with the Lord!

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What is Life Enhancement?

Activity Professionals utilize activities to promote the independent physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning of elderly persons; by enhancing current skills for daily living and community functioning. Below you will find the types of activities provided, the benefits those activities provide, and who is able to help with activities.  You will also find a breakdown of the 3 cognitive phases a loved one could fall into.

“Activities purpose is not to kill time, but to make time live. Not to keep him or her refreshed, not to offer an escape from life, but to provide a discovery of life.”       -Quote by Brenda Scott

Types of Activities 

  •  SocialMen Smiling
  •  Recreational
  •  Intellectual
  •  Physical
  •  Spiritual
  •  Creative
  •  Low and High Functioning
  •  Community Involvement
  •  Intergenerational
  •  Serve meals and much more

Benefits for Our Residents

  •  Support
  •  Maintain Quality of Life
  •  Empower
  •  Self-Esteem
  •  Motivation
  •  Mobility
  •  Challenge
  •  Social Interaction
  •  Mental Agility
  •  Residents that experience: Stress and agitation, inappropriate behaviors, boredom, pain, or signs and symptoms of depression can develop: Personal control and competence, social skills, communication skills, range of motion, and/or moral and life satisfaction.

Who Can Assist With Activities

  •  Staff
  •  Residents
  •  Family Members
  •  Volunteers

A Sign of Excellence

Salem Home has won the coveted PEAK Award, granted to only select retirement communities by the Kansas Department on Aging, twice. Salem Home received the award for offering excellent alternatives for residents.