Alzheimer’s And Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive illness that leads to an individual’s need for total nursing care. People with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia require specialized care in a secured environment.

We provide locations with an atmosphere that is soothing and calm, which is often necessary for individuals who are confused and easily agitated. Their daily routine is kept consistent, yet flexible to accommodate varying moods and related behaviors.


  • Large living room – Perfect for social interactions with other residents, family and friend visits, and Home activities.
  • Fully equipped kitchen/dining room- Family style dining, fun for baking activities and cooking meals.
  • Secured Courtyard- Enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening and bird feeding in a safe environment.
  • Occupational and Physical therapy services available as needed
  • Restorative services daily
  • Social services
  • In-house beautician available weekly
  • Weekly church services

A common behavior among those with dementia is wandering. We have security features in place to allow our elders to wander freely and safely, without the need for consistent redirection or intervention.

As dementia advances, the opportunity for success and feelings of self-worth are highly limited. Extended periods of idle time contribute to feelings of restlessness and ultimately lead to increased episodes of agitation. A person with dementia needs help in finding something to do that restores a sense of individuality and self-worth. Involvement in good leisure and recreational activities can provide those positive opportunities as well as serve as a means to increase the level of contentment for the person with dementia.

Our commitment is to respect and value each person’s individuality, and to provide quality, compassionate care for each individual in a supportive, secure environment. We desire to help each elder maintain as much independence as possible and that our care will promote optimal physical, social, psychological, and spiritual health.